Global Calendar Rules

SimpleClient allows you to set global calendar parameters that will impact all your meeting types. These global rules will take priority over individual meeting calendar rules. This feature is helpful to set things like general business hours or blocking out weekend hours.

To make changes to your global calendar settings go to settings then click on scheduler:

From there, you can access a few features related to your global calendar.

Included Calendars

Depending on your calendar type, you may have additional calendars sync'ed in your profile. For example, if you use Google Calendar, you could have a personal calendar as well your firm calendar integrated in your account.

When you update Global Calendar settings you can choose to update all of your calendars or just the calendars you'd like. The default setting for updating calendars is "All" of them.

If you'd like to only adjust settings for individual calendars, you can click on the + sign and choose the calendar you'd like to set Global settings for.

You can then proceed with changing the other calendar settings.

Calendar Time and Day Settings

The white parts of your calendar represent unavailable times. The green blocks in your calendar represent available times.

To make times unavailable in your global calendar, simply hover over the block you want to make unavailable and click on the "X" that appears. This will make the time unavailable across all of your meetings.

To make times available, simply hover over the white blocks and click on the + sign that appears and the time wil become available. Please note that if you make a time unavailable in a specific meeting type, the availability in your global calendar will not override your specific meeting type.

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